The First True Bourbon Cream. Ever.

Real Bourbon. Real Cream.


The First True Bourbon Cream. Ever.

Real Bourbon.
Real Cream.

This Rabbit Has Teeth

Nooku Bourbon Cream is the perfect balance of hard and soft, something sweet with a bold finish, a spirit unlike any other.

Soft As A
The snowshoe rabbit gracefully bounds through the snow, not making a sound. Its movement, almost poetic. The same goes for our indulgent Nooku Bourbon Cream. Ribbons of caramel-colored cream pour into the glass to deliver a smooth, rich taste.
  • Authentic barrel-aged bourbon
  • Real dairy cream
  • No artificial color or flavoring

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Hard As
This is a new experience in bourbon. The true matured straightforward taste still exists, but is now taken to the next level. Sip. Pause. Wait for it. There it is. A hearty bourbon finish in real dairy cream.
  • Crafted using Old Elk’s high-malt bourbon recipe
  • Aged two years in new, charred oak barrels
  • Spicy vanilla and toffee notes

Old Elk Bourbon

Nooku Peppermint

Crafted with Nooku original, Nooku Peppermint has this same smooth, classic profile with a crisp, clean peppermint finish. Spice up your cocktails with this limited seasonal offering.

Nooku Mini Cans

Don’t Be Fooled By Itty Bitty

Nooku 100ml cans are loaded with the same bold flavor as the original. Created with real bourbon, real cream and packaged for your convenience, this charming little treat is perfect for any season. Indulge in the velvety, bourbon flavor during summer or winter, with company or in solitude, hot or cold, morning or night – one thing’s certain, you won’t be stopping at one.


A hearty, true bourbon infused with real dairy cream. That’s all there is to know. We crafted a spirit that’s authentic and purposeful, and took the time making sure it is just the right proportions of each. Great bourbon plus real cream. The perfect pair.

The Tale

Nooku is a Native American name for the white snowshoe rabbit. A strong, fast, bold and hearty, yet soft and smooth animal known for its lush coat and lightning speed. The same juxtaposition exists in our barrel-aged bourbon blended with ultra-smooth dairy cream. All the strength of bourbon with the delicate qualities of a decadent cream.

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This rabbit is not as elusive as one might think.
We’ll provide you with a list of fine purveyors near you.

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