Westword | Laura Shunk | April 14, 2017

Colorado’s robust distilling industry means there’s no shortage of interesting spirits out there with which to stock your bar, but recently, a couple of rather novel flavors have made their way into the market, and they’re worth working into your lineup, if only to see what they add to your favorite cocktails. Moreover, one of our local whiskey distilleries recently pulled down a coveted and prestigious award for a special rye that, despite having been just released, will be gone in a blink. For those reasons, we present to you a trio of spirits you should be sampling right now (and in the case of that rye, we really do mean right now).

Nooku Bourbon Cream
Curt and Nancy Richardson launched Old Elk Distillery late last year, and they brought forth a trio of spirits for the occasion: Dry Town vodka and gin, whose name harks back to Prohibition in Fort Collins, and Nooku bourbon cream, named for a Native American word for the snowshoe rabbit. Nooku is in a category of its own; it’s a dairy-based libation made with just two ingredients: cream and bourbon. Old Elk makes the bourbon first, and after a minimum of two years of barrel aging, the distillery blends it with cream, resulting in a quaff that drinks a bit like a bourbon milkshake. It has a decadent and voluptuous texture, with distinct caramel and toffee notes from the bourbon and a surprisingly crisp finish. Nooku is a good one for drinkers who like to end their night with a pour of Bailey’s, but it’s also a worthwhile dram for people who find Bailey’s too sweet; because it has no added sugar, Nooku is decidedly a spirit, not a dessert. We hear it also makes for one hell of a variation on Irish coffee. Pick it up at Argonaut, Bonnie Brae Wine & Liquor, Colorado Liquor Mart or Hampden Plaza Liquors & Wine, or pop into the Way Back, Stella’s on 16th, Blake Street Vault, Board Game Republic or Hayter’s & Co for a taste.

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